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    How to build a drill-down hierarchy with several layers in Tableau (from an Access starschema datamodel)?

    Romane Amiot

      Hello everybody,


      I am struggling for a little time on Tableau to build a drill-down hierarchy with several layers.

      This is an example of a hierarchy a I have to build with accounts:
      In this case the parent OVC has 2 children (SG&A costs total and GM2) and the child GM2 has 2 children (GM1 and PPC variances total). PPC variances total is open and composed of PPC variances variable and fixed.


      OVC (Operating Value Contribution)


           SG&A costs Total


           GM 2 (Gross margin over total product costs)


                GM 1 (Gross margin over PPC Planned Product Costs)


                PPC variances Total


                     PPC variances variable


                     PPC variances fixed

      I used a starschema model and this is how my dimensional table looks like in Access:


      Indeed, each account has a parent which also has a parent located higher in the hierarchy etc etc.

      Then, I linked the dimensional table showed above to my main table in which I have my figures etc..

      Unfortunately, the only thing I am able to build on Tableau is a hierarchy with one layer (parents on the left and children on the right, no matter on which layer they are on the hierarchy)


      So, would you know how to have more than one layer in a drill-down hierarchy on Tableau please?
      I would like to be able to click on + and – to drill down each layer .


      Thank you very much in advance for your help.

      Best regards,