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    How do I create a Filled Map for the following workbook?

    Khalid Baker

      Hey Everyone;


      I have been facing issues, while trying to create a filled map.


      In the sample workbook:


      • Single Continent: Asia
      • 2 Regions: MENA & China
      • 3 Sub Regions: Gulf, China Franchise, Gulf Rest
      • Countries
        • Saudi Arabia
        • China A
        • China B
        • China C
        • China D
        • China E
        • China F
        • China G
        • China H

      For China, I will have to edit location, which I did, but the issue is with the measure amount since it will show China A amount, China B amount, China C amount (etc) separately and not a sum total.


      How can I solve this?


      All the help is appreciated


      Kind Regards;

      Khalid B