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    Connect several different sheets


      I have an excel file with a few sheets that I would like to use to work togather. I have the following.


      1. Sales (customer number, product group, year, month and sales figure)

      2. Budget (customer number, product group, year, month and budget figures)

      3. Region information (customer number, county, city)

      4. Population (city and population)


      As you see 1 and 2 should work together and and I would like to compare sales to budget per customer, product group year and month

      I would also like to put this on a map therefore I have sheet 3 to provide that information. Last I have population to be able to compare sales to population on a map.


      I need help to understand how to connect it all. I have tried but then now the budget fields are added to each line in the sales and the sales are more detailed. This makes the result show the wrong sum since the budget is added multiple times.


      The same goes for population. When I add this to a chart I get a very high number.

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