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    Regarding filter and calculation in multiple response (Survey data)

    Prabhavathi Muthusenapathy


      I am creating dashboards for survey data.

      I reshaped my dataset and I created the filter using multiple responses.

      The filter is working but % is different.

      For example...

      Filter:1 - Main filter, where all the charts were updated by this one.

      Filter:2 - I have a list of questions in this filter (say...showing only important questions).

      Both were working separately but If I want to show the count of the filter.2 by filter.1, it's not updating- Just showing me the filter.2 total count.

      I have used PSID field for % calculation (I converted this field from dimension to measure)



      The above chart showing the total count of screener question.

      Filter 1 is Tea Category (from Question Dimension - multiple response questions)

      Filter 2 is Screener Questions (from Screener_Questions - Other formatted questions like a Likert scale...)

      I have included my worksheet too(Refer sheet4)


      I want calculations like - if I am selecting pure green tea category from filter1, screener questions will show the count for each question with their options (Agree, Disagree scale etc)

      Kindly help me to solve this!!!

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          Amber Loranger

          HI Prabhavathi,

          I have tried to look at the workbook and data to solve this question, but I am having trouble making sense of the data from looking at the workbook and CSV.

          Can you give some more explanation about where the various data come from and how they are related? for example, are the tea categories actually in the underlying data, or have they been aliased from some of those abbreviations of numbers and letters? Are the tea categories in the same column with the other questions? What is a "Psid"?