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    Barchart with discrete measure to behave as if continuous.

    Henrik Eriksson

      Hello everyone.


      I was tasked with building a report with a graph. This means it will change the date level scope depending on the timeframe selected. The timeframe had to be a scrollbar.

      Even though this was a massive hurdle for me (I'm about 6 months into working with Tableau at this point), I managed to complete this, so this is not the issue.

      The issue is that as the date I have has to be continuous the barchart won't act as I want it to.

      When I'm having a static date level scope (Weeks for example), it works perfectly fine. The bars are separated and dynamic in width. When I'm having my dynamic date level selected the bars are either fixed in width, which means they can overlap (which is a no-no), or if I select Discrete instead, the date format of the axis gets messed up, as well as missing "empty" times (which is a no-no).


      I've come such a long way in solving this, and it feels like I'm stumbling on the finish line for this specific problem, so I was hoping for some help.

      I've attached an example workbook of the issue. Sheet1 holds the continuous date level, and Sheet2 holds the Discrete. Sheet3 is a static date level as a "control-sheet".

      Basically, I want all of the dynamic formatting as it works in Sheet3 for Sheet1, but with my dynamic date level instead.


      I hope I made myself clear here. If I'm unclear, please let me know and I'll try to explain in more detail.

      The actual workbook I'm working on has dashboards and is more refined in layouts et.c. but I don't want my data public. At the moment I just made an SQL query to generate random data to illustrate my problem, pasted it into excel and used that as a datasource.


      Kind regards.