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    Add FY giving as calculated measure for text table?

    Amy Carrier

      I am still trying to find the best way to come up with a calculated measure that would allow me to show the sum of gifts made by an individual within a fiscal year, and display that in a text table.  We have a fiscal year dimension, which I think should help.  I am so close, and yet...


      As you will see in the attached workbook, due to the join structure of our data, the gift data is duplicated for "Pete".  As a result, the FY16 and FY17 calculations that I came up with show twice the amount that he actually gave.  I calculated each of these differently, but still couldn't make it work.  I thought the FY17 calculation would do it, but no such luck.


      If anyone has an idea on how to make this work, I would greatly appreciate it!