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    How to set Device type "Default" or "Mobile"

    Rajiv Ranjan

      Hi, Whenever i open the tableau .tbwx file in tableau desktop, then dashboard Device Type is always coming "Tablet". I change the device type Tablet to "Default" then save & close the file, again i open the same tbwx file in tableau desktop Device Type again "Tablet". In there any setting to fix the device type so that whenever i open the dashboard tableau desktop device should be always "Default" or "Mobile" as per requirement till the time i will not change it to manually.

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          Device type work according to screen resolution in your computer.

          If a given computer screen resolution  -

                         is high it shows to desktop

                         is very small it shows phone. If phone type dashboard is not there . it goes to default mode.


          I will try changing computer screen resolution then reopen the dashboard for desire device type.


          I hope this helps.

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            Rajiv Ranjan

            Hi ARI G,

                 I have follow the same steps but still device type not changing. Below is my steps for your reference.


                 1. Right click on screen desktop -> Screen Resolution => Current resolution is : 1366 X 768 (then default Device Type is "Tablet") - Close the dashboard

                  2. Change the current resolution size high as recommended to 2560 X 1920  (Open the same dashboard Device Type is again "Tablet")  - Close the dashboard

                  3. Again Change the resolution high to low 800 X 600 ( and open the same dashboard Device Type is again "Tablet")      


            That's means device type is not changing automatically in tableau desktop based on screen resolution in my machine.


            Could you please Suggest what should be screen resolution size for Device type default, Tablet and Mobile. so whenever i open the dashboard in tableau desktop device type automatically change based on screen resolution.


            Just an FYI - I am using virtual machine and there i have install Window 7 and Tableau desktop 10.1




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              SURESH SINDHIGI

              Hi Rajiv, Can you please follow the steps mentioned attached word doc, it will resolve your problem.