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    Sorting Different Transaction Types so I can perform Analysis

    patrick gleeeson

      Hello All !!


      I am trying to sort my Transaction Level Data into types of Transactions where Sales Occurred in


      There are 3 types of Transactions


      Only Group A - Items only in Group A (A Transaction Type)

      Only Group B - Items only in Group B (B Transaction Type)

      Group A & B - Items sold from both Group A & B (AB Transaction Type)


      I want to do this so I can look at the Average Transaction Value (ATV) at different locations across the Transaction Types

      (Once I have them grouped I wanted to be able to compare them against each other and themselves against other periods (mainly year/month) so April 2015 Vs March 2017 or April 2015 Vs April 2014)

      I've been trying for two days but I just can not get them to group how I want.


      I've attached the data-set I've been using

      Any advice/help appreciated.


      Thanks guys.

      (currently using version 10.3)