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    Searching for a specific row in a text table

    Sage Esposito

      Hello. I want the user to be able to search for a specific zip code within a text table. There are a lot of zip codes to scroll through and I want to be able to easily input the zip code and i will take you to that row. Is there a way to do that? There is also a map on the dashboard so the geo search doesn't work for the table.

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          Michael Gillespie

          Sage, the following is a generic answer; the specifics may vary depending on how you've put your dashboard together.


          Go to the worksheet that contains the text table.

          Create a Quick Filter by dragging the Zip Code field in your data to the Filters shelf.

          Click on the drop-down arrow on the pill in the Filters shelf, and click Show filter.

          You now should have a long list of zip codes, each with a check mark next to it.

          Go to the Filter control that should be on the right side of your viz, and select the tiny arrow in the top right corner of the control - you will get menu of options for configuring this filter.

          Select Multiple Values (dropdown).  This will change the filter to be a single field.

          Click on the drop-down arrow next to the word (All).  You can select one or more ZIP codes from this field, OR you can type in a ZIP code and Tableau will search the list of values for a match.

          Now go back to the dashboard.  You need to show the filter you just created on the dashboard page (it doesn't automatically show up when you create the filter AFTER you've created the dashboard).  Click on the container that holds the text table, and then click on the small "down" arrow on the top right of the container: you will get a menu of options for the viz inside that container.  Select "Filters" and then select the ZIP code filter you created earlier.  It will show up somewhere in your dashboard.  Format it to match what you did on the individual viz page.


          NOTE: This will filter the text table to show only rows with a matching value for the ZIP code.  If that is not the behavior you want to see, we'll have to do this differently.


          You may or may not wish to apply this filter to your map as well.

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            Michael Gillespie

            You're welcome!  Glad it was useful.