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    Is there a size limit on the .tde file you can publish using the Tableau SDK?

    Simon Peacock

      One of our analysts has been creating extract files using Alteryx and publishing them to our Tableau Server.  He says that as the extract has been getting bigger the publish is taking longer and longer and is now not working at all.  A few weeks ago I had a play with the Tableau SDK using 64 bit Java to generate and publish extract files.  I told the analyst that I might be able to use the publish part of the SDK to publish his extracts.  The first extract is around 320MB and I can publish this okay in about 12 seconds.  The second one is just over 5GB and using exactly the same code (the only difference being the name of the extract passed into the code) and publishing to the same project in Tableau Server I'm getting an "Unknown Error" returned almost immediately.  Is there a limit in the size of the .tde file that Tableau SDK can handle.  I've tried finding this information online but have not found anyone else facing the same problem.

      In addition, the .tde file is valid and I can connect to it in Tableau Desktop

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          Wilson Po

          Hey Simon,

          I don't think it is directly a size issue, but it might be a natural timeout that was hit after the publishing job seem to take a long time.  You might follow the steps here to increase the timeout on your Server: Timeout Errors when Publishing and Viewing | Tableau Software


          Tableau Desktop should use the same method of publishing as the SDK;  you should validate that it produces a similar error there to see if it is related more to the timeout settings on Server. 

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            Simon Peacock

            Hello Wilson


            I don't think it's a timeout issue.  The "Unknown Error" message comes back almost immediately. 


            In the log generated for the success 320MB extract I get the following...


            2017-06-15 13:40:15.056 (5032): Curl global initialization

            2017-06-15 13:40:15.088 (5032): Connecting: https:/xxxxxxxxx

            2017-06-15 13:40:15.088 (5032): Username  : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

            2017-06-15 13:40:15.088 (5032): Site ID   :

            2017-06-15 13:40:15.197 (5032): Querying projects...

            2017-06-15 13:40:15.244 (5032): Publishing extract: D:\\TableauExtracts\\TDE\\Theoretical Margin.tde

            2017-06-15 13:40:15.244 (5032): Project name      : Data Sources

            2017-06-15 13:40:15.244 (5032): Data source name  : Theoretical Margin

            2017-06-15 13:40:27.062 (5032): Disconnecting: https:/xxxxxxxxx

            2017-06-15 13:40:27.062 (5032): Curl global cleanup


            In the log generated for the failing 5GB extract I get the following...


            2017-06-15 13:29:47.003 (3940): Curl global initialization

            2017-06-15 13:29:47.035 (3940): Connecting: https:/xxxxxxxxx

            2017-06-15 13:29:47.035 (3940): Username  : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

            2017-06-15 13:29:47.035 (3940): Site ID   :

            2017-06-15 13:29:47.160 (3940): Querying projects...


            and immediately get the "Unknown error" message.