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    Visualization Guidelines

    Hope Stiles

      Does anyone have a guide or document that your organization uses to help ensure the many people presenting data have used appropriate formatting/rules. 


      Examples might include:

      Bar graph axis should start at 0

      Text should be left aligned

      Title should include x, y, z

      Don't use pie charts


      I'm trying to put one together for our organization and thought someone might have a template I could start from.




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          Anna Kisting

          Hi Hope-


          This is like asking how do I put together a quick reference guide on how to write a best selling novel.  If it was that easy, than we could program computers to do it and we'd all be out of a job!


          The Big Book of Dashboards does this; very well and very in depth.  if a colleague was serious about this - I'd get them a copy of that book.


          I'd also suggest that you get some dashboards off Tableau Public (or make your own) and make notes on it about what is effective or not.  Or you could make a bad dashboard and a good dashboard and make notes about what you did to improve it and why you should do it the better way.  If you're making a guide for visualizations - it should be visual - right? 


          Good Luck!

          Anna Kisting

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            Hope Stiles



            You are so right.  There is so much to take into account.  I was really hoping to find a template I could start with and adjust to our organizational standards.  This first round of education is focused to a broad group including those who create graphs in excel for power point presentations.  We just want to make sure some basic principals are followed.  We'll do something later around Dashboarding for those creating dashboard in Tableau.


            I had the privilege recently of attending Stephen Few's workshop and have been using those resources to create the document and an educational presentation which is visual and will walk them through most of the whys.  We don't want to just hand out a list of rules.  This way folks will have some context as to why we want that standard to be followed and what makes it a good practice.


            Thanks for your response.



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              Cathy Bridges

              You may be interested in the Big Book of Dashboards recently published by Andy Cotgreave, Jeff Shaffer and Steve Wexler. I know Steve has also published some of the demo workbooks to Tableau Public. Not sure how much is out there, but I'd start here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/swexler#!/vizhome/CH5_BBOD_ExecutiveSalesSuperStore_And_More/TheBigBookofDashboards

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                Cathy Bridges

                Also, check out what the other Zen Masters have on Tableau Public. It will give you some great ideas of what works.