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    How to calculate %

    Tulu Sahoo

      Hi All,


      As per the below screenshot, I have hide the grand total % for 2nd and 3rd table from the screenshot. I need the calculation as per the highlighted things. Also for the 3rd table , I have mentioned for one month(Jan) calculation and rest month are similar.


      Please let me know how can I achieved this requirements.


      Please let me know if you need any more clarification.


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          Wilson Po

          Hi Tulu,

          It might be best to solve this with a separate sheet rather than in the grand total line (or better yet, use a separate worksheet as a grand total).  A table calculation cannot be computed based on Table (Down) and also asked to run a separate computation specific for the Totals line;  as such, it can represent to the total across the Categories in each month (which will always represent 100% for totals) or asked to do a % of total across the months.   Creating a separate sheet may allow you to redefine the Table Calculations: Addressing and Partitioning for the view that represents the monthly totals.

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            Tulu Sahoo

            Hi Wilson,


            Separate sheet I can not do because similar type of sheets we have 15 so I need so many sheets , it is not affordable for my workbook. Thanks


            If any other way please let me know.