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    Understanding date formula

    Alex Martino

      Can someone please help me understand this date formula?


      datepart("quarter",[Close Date])=datepart("quarter", Date("5/31/2015")) and datepart("year",[Close Date])=datepart("year", Date("5/31/2015"))

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          Jay Morehart

          It might be helpful to look at this in a text editor that does bracket matching (Notpad++, Adobe Brackets, Sublime text (Tableau does this but I find it hard to see))

          but we can also see what is going on with some minor re-formatting:

          So if the [Close Date] is in Q2 (Assuming default fiscal year) of 2015 this returns true, otherwise it is false. It could be re-written as:


          datepart("quarter",[Close Date])=2


          datepart("year",[Close Date])=2015


          hope this helps!

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            Tom W

            Break it down into smaller items in your Tableau report and look at each chunk individually so you can understand it.

            I.e. create a calc, datepart("quarter",[Close Date])

            Then create another calc datepart("quarter", Date("5/31/2015"))

            and so on

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