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    Version Control?

    Abhishek Singh

      Can multiple user work on same tableau  file at same time on tableau server ?

      We 4 person are in same team and we are working on same tableau file and we don't want to update our files twice. So is there any way on tableau server through which all person can work simultaneously?

      Zhouyi Zhang

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          I have no idea.



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            Hari Ankem

            In a versioning tool like PVCS, only 1 person can check out a file and work on it.


            Here, surely all of you will be able to work on the same file at the same time. But, the changes that your colleagues do will not be part of your workbook. So, only 1 of you should be working on the workbook at a time, and if multiple people want to work on it simultaneously, one among you all need to take responsibility to consolidate all the changes into the workbook.


            The purpose of version control in Tableau is that if changes published are incorrect/unexpected, and you need to revert to the earlier version, you can do so.

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              Abhishek Singh

              Thanks  Hari Ankem


              so if i am the owner of the group and all 4 persons are working on the same tableau file and then my colleges cant save that ?
              I don't want to do same work again and again. suppose my college made changes in worksheet 1 then i don't want him to come to me and ask me to do same changes in the file so that, it reflects in the final file.

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                Hari Ankem

                If you let multiple people work on the same file, then you have to take responsibility to consolidate the changes. There are no other options.


                If each of you are working on a different dashboard in the workbook, you can look at splitting them into separate workbooks.

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                  Jamieson Christian



                  Tableau Server does not have tools for collaborative development or source control. For robust control in a collaborative environment, you will need to leverage separate tools and/or workflows.


                  A couple scenarios:


                  1. Check-in / check-out repository. Keep a "local" copy of the Tableau Server workbook on a repository that supports this feature, like SharePoint. A user refrains from doing any work on the file until they can "check it out" from the repository. Once they finish their changes, they publish to the server, upload the modified file back to the repository, and then "check in" the file to release it for others to work on. In this scenario, only one user can be making changes to the workbook at a time.
                  2. Source control repository. Because TWB workbooks are just XML, you may be able to leverage a line-level source control repository like git to manage a local copy of your workbook. I've never tried this, so proceed cautiously — but it's possible that a workflow around git would allow multiple users to simultaneously make edits to a workbook. Robust source forking, merging, and conflict detection make this a potentially viable option. On the other hand, the workflow to manage and interact with a source control repository potentially represents a steeper learning curve.


                  A third option is to not maintain any "local" copy of the workbook, and have editors download the workbook from Tableau Server each time, make their changes, publish it back, and then delete the downloaded copy. However, without a check-out mechanism (which Tableau Server will not provide), you still need some external mechanism for detecting when someone else is currently editing the workbook.


                  I hope these thoughts help.

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                    Abhishek Singh

                    Thanks Jamieson,

                    I got the idea now and most likely will be linking with Git