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    Tableau server to Tableau mobile

    Dennis Rajan

      Hi All,


      We were using Tableau server to view our reports on our browser till date and we have to be in our organisation's network to view these Tableau dashboards either being on LAN or connecting through VPN.


      Now we have a requirement to view some of our dashboards on Tableau mobile. I have gone through the community and found that we can use the Tableau mobile app to view the dashboards. But my question is how can we view the Tableau server dashboards on mobile, if it is mandatory to be on organisation's network by connecting through VPN/LAN then the whole point of Tableau mobile would go wrong. But I feel that there is something I'm missing out, so please help me out in understanding in this regard which would get me started. What are the points/requirements we must consider to allow our On premise Tableau dashboards to be viewed on Tableau mobile.