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    How to display workbook name in URL

    Leire Peñil Cuenca



      I'd like to see the workbook name in the URL the same way you can see the view name. Does anybody know how to do this?


      The URL for views looks like:




      Currently the URL for workbooks looks like:

      https://my companyname.com/workbook/views


      I would like the URL to look like:

      https://my companyname.com/workbook/my_workbook_name


      Links to workbooks are often sent by email so it would be nice to see the name there:




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          Donna Coles

          Hi Leire


          FYI I have moved your post from Community Canvas (the place to ask questions about how to use the community site itself eg what can't I attach a packaged workbook?) to the main forums are (where you ask questions about how to do stuff in Tableau).


          In response to your query, a link such as https://<mytableauserver>/workbooks/<workbookname> should resolve to the page which lists all the views for that workbook, however I find that Tableau server will then automatically translate this to a format based on workbook id.


          eg https://<mytableauserver>/workbooks/Complaints resolves to the url https://<mytableauserver>/#/workbooks/6914/views when clicked on.



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            Leire Peñil Cuenca

            Hi Donna,


            Thanks for your quick reply. However when typing https://<mytableauserver>/workbooks/<workbookname> I get an error message saying that the workbook does not exist. The ask here is to have the URL displaying the workbook name so that a user can easily copy and paste it elswere.


            Is there a section where I could add this suggestion for Tableau?




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              Donna Coles

              Hi Leire


              Odd, it works for me... what version of server are you on? We're using v10.1.1.


              Also have you got the ability to access the postgres database and see what the repository_url field looks like in the workbooks table for the workbook you're trying to access.


              We have a custom built landing page that displays a list of recent workbooks the user has touched.  On click, a dashboard url action fires to view the workbook.  The url is formed from the postgres data and uses the info from the repository_url field in the workbooks table to append to the 'hardcoded' path ie mytableauserver/workbooks/ + Repository_url


              We've used this method since v8, through v9 and now on v10.1.1 and its always worked.  The only difference we see now is that (as stated) the url gets translated as the window opens into the mytableauserver/#/workbooks/6914/views format.


              It's possible this either has stopped working for later versions of Tableau or the workbook name you're passing isn't exactly right ... it might have _ in it for example or be appended with a _0 if multiple instances of same named workbook ever got published.


              eg here's a sample from our workbooks table


              To access the Partner Support Group Segmentation workbook via a 'friendly url' I'd be going to

              mytableauserver/workbooks/PartnerSupportGroupSegmentation_0 which when clicked on resolves in the browser to mytableauserver/#/workbooks/10623/views