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    Sorting table by calculated field

    Sheetal Panchal



      I have a table with 5 dimension columns (Month, States, City, Company, Department) and 4 calculated field columns (Spending 2016, Spending 2017, Variance, Variance %). I want to sort the table by Variance %, but it just doesn't work. There is hierarchy between State and Cities and between Company and Department. Also, I have highlighted the Variance % cells in red where the Variance % is more than 10% or less than -10%.


      I have tried following approaches so far:


      1. Sorted only the Variance % column in descending order

      2. Sorted all the 5 dimension columns by Variance % - Custom.

      3. Added a rank column which uses formula Rank(Variance %). The ranking seems correct but when sorted using this column, it doesn't sort the table.


      Can someone help, please!