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    Percent of Passing vs Percent of Failing

    Wilson Sundvold

      Hi all,


      Working on a dashboard to show Quiz's and the passing rates vs the failing rates. 


      I have created a calculated field which I have called Pass/Fail that simply states: IF [Quaire Score] >= [PassingThreshold (questionnaires1)] THEN "Pass" ELSE "Fail" END . Then using a CNTD(UserID) to get the count.


      Where Quaire Score is the score received on the Quiz and PassingThreshold is the minimum score needed in order to pass.



      What I need now is to seperate this so that I can show the percentage of my population passing as well as the percentage of my population failing. 


      I know this equation will look like this:

                               % Passing = Pass/(Pass+Fail)    - 763/777 (but needing this to repopulate with tables that will return different values, hence the calculated field)


      Im unsure how to get there.  Thank you for the time and help!