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    Dimension with zero Measure to not show

    Colin Smit

      Hi There...


      I have a workbook (see attached) whereby I am looking at planning for different sections (called WorkCentre) in a production environment.  Here by selecting a WorkCentre I can compare the planning between two weeks.  On the below image I have selected week 24 (last week's planning) and compared with the current week 25 planning.  The system work in such a way that if a order number is completed, then t will not re-appear on the next weeks planning.  On below image there is two items (Order no:20170845; Part No: 19930139) and (Order no:20172595; Part No: 20130092) that was planned in week 24.  It re-appeared in week 25 due to only 8 out of 30 made on (Order no:20170845; Part No: 19930139)  and none made on (Order no:20172595; Part No: 20130092)



      How can I set the filter up so that only the re-occurring order numbers shows on the graph.  In above sample the workbook graph should only show (Order no:20170845; Part No: 19930139) and (Order no:20172595; Part No: 20130092)  Is there a way to do it?