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    Account getting Locked

    satya Pusarapu

      Hello ALL ,

      I want to understand the background  process how Tableau is connecting with DB ,

      Seniorio :

      I’ve a DB connection to MSSQL.

      Everytime, i load a workbook, by default it prompts me for the login to the DB connection.( As no Single Sign on configured  )


      If i type in the wrong password  once, apparently tableau fires > 20 login request with the same wrong password 2 secs in succession, effectively locking out our DB account. (see screenshot below)


      Even if we have a wrong password threshold of 20, we ended up hitting that threshold and locking out that account as these login attempts are trigger by tableau.

      It already happen twice to us.

      Its fortunate that we took preventive measures this time around to use a specific readonly account no one else uses. But it still happened.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Satya,


          What version of Tableau are you using?  Is Tableau Server in use or is this just desktop?  If you are using Server, you could utilize a Tableau server data source with the authentication managed by the server.  Is there a reason the password is being missed frequently? 


          A read only account is also a good practice since Tableau should never create a query that modifies the db. 



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            Patrick Van Der Hyde

            Also - i did find out that there was an issue that existed that was fixed in 9.3.7 that addressed an issue similar to this so if you have an earlier version than that, the recommendation for a solution will be to upgrade.



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              satya Pusarapu

              Hi Patrick ,


              currently we are using 9.3.1v, no server is in use at that time only desktop , and password miss match is happened unfortunately and after account got locked , to know the root cause i tested with different DB with wrong password ...


              Can you please share the link stating that isuue os fixed in 9.3.7 or issues exits befor versions.



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                Patrick Van Der Hyde



                I do not see the note in the release notes but the issue identified and fixed relates to MS-SQL data sources and a blank password field.  The issue was identified as defect 548615 and this has been resolved in 9.3.7.


                You can download a copy of Desktop for a newer version, install it on the same pc and use the same license to test.  Tableau allows you to run concurrent versions of the software on the same PC.  (I run 6 versions) but be aware that the last version installed will be the default one used for opening a .twbx file or .twb file if you click on these in file explorer.   I suggest just testing out with a newer version to verify it is resolved.


                I hope that helps.