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    "Add to Context" on only selected sheets otherwise will disrupt Level of Detail and ranking


      Hi! I have a dashboard with a location filter applied to the entire data source. I built the entire workbook without this filter in Context and have my LOD calculations working --- the logic will not work due to the FIXED/INCLUDE if I add the Location filter to Context.


      My question is how to add a new sheet that will rank 'N' items. In order to do so I need to have that Location filter 'in context'. Wondering how to achieve this as adding the Location pill to Context does so across the entire workbook therefore disrupting the validated LOD analysis.


      I have a single Location Quick Filter throughout the workbook that drives it all so want to keep that. Any ideas for using LOD for the Ranking of items to display Top 'N' without Adding Location to Context?


      Thanks so much!