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    Bar in Bar Chart with 16 measures

    Crystal B

      I'd like to know how I can create a Bar in Bar chart with 16 measures where I'm comparing actual vs goal.


      As an example of fields

      I have the following fields Small Business Goal vs. Small Business Actual, Large Business Goal vs. Large Business Actual, Current Goal vs. Actual, SDB Goal vs SDB Actual, Hubz Goal vs. Hubz Actual, WOSB Goal vs WOSB Actual, VOSB Goal vs. VOSB Actual,  SDVOSB Goal vs SDVOSB Actual


      I've grouped them in the categories that I'd like to see the measures compared. I was able to achieve a side by side bar chart but I'm unable to get the measures to separated for a bar in bar chart. Any advice is appreciated.

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          Hari Ankem

          You should add a workbook for someone to help you.

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            Saurabh Yadav

            bar in bar chart.bmpHey Crystal,


            If you are trying to show actual and goal as bar in bar chart, u need to make 2 bar charts n then by using dual axis combine them. When you create dual axis, you will see only 1 bar chart. In order to visualize both charts you will have to decrease / increase the size of bars so that both the bars are visible distinctly. Also you might want to distinguish actual and goal measures by changing colours.

            You can have a look at the attached pic.

            Hope it helps you. Cheers mate!!!




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              Crystal B

              Will this work with 16 measures. I've only seen this example with two measures. Do I need to group the measures or is there another way to separate the goals vs actual. As you can see in the example they are individual fields. I've update the attachment to show what happened when I followed the direction for the Bar in Bar chart. Thanks again for your assistance.

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                Michael Gillespie

                Crystal, this is going to turn out to be one of the situations where you need to reshape your data to get the result you want.


                Your problem is that your data is spread out over a large number of columns. Remember the rule: Tableau prefers tall data vs. wide data.  If you can, try to format the data as follows:


                Contract Number     <Measure Name>       Percent Value

                1                                   SBC Goal                        10

                1                                   SBC Actual                        0

                1                                   LBC Goal                         90

                1                                   LBC Actual                         0



                That way, you get one column with all your measure names, which you can then drop on the Columns shelf, and a column that contains only values that you can drop on the Rows shelf, then duplicate the values to get a dual-axis chart.


                Can't guarantee that that is the exact table format you will need but it should be close.

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                  Hari Ankem

                  Please change your data to look like this, and then you will get what you need.




                  I have attached the data file and the workbook.