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    One database work with different tables (data source issue)

    Hossein Jalali

      I have a database that includes the following tables:

      • user
      • music
      • game
      • category
      • clicks


      Each game or music item has a 1 to 1 relationship with the categories

      under music/game table we have a thing called category_id


      I also track the clicks each of these items get so under click we have music_id/game_id and always one is NULL and the other displays the id of the item clicked (so if game_id = NULL and music_id = 23 means that music with ID 23 has been clicked).


      Right now when I drag "category" and "music" and "click" everything works perfectly well. When I drag "game" then it does not work.


      On that note I also want to do a completely separate tracking of how many users registered each day. The problem is when I drag the "user" table it automatically connects it as a "join" to something (sometimes game, sometimes music) in the data source.


      How can I get this done right?