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    YoY and YTD not displaying/calculating correctly


      Hi - I am fairly new to Tableau and I have read my share of various online posts but I can't seem to figure this out:

      I want to create an interactive viz of airport passenger traffic (and other indicators using the same drill). I would like to create a Dashboard where a user can pick a year and a month to show 4 indicators:

      1. Amount of Passengers for that month & year

      2. % Change in passengers YoY (change vs. same month previous year)

      3. Total passengers YTD

      4. % Change in total passengers YTD vs. previous year.


      I currently have all monthly data for 2016 and up to April for 2017. Here are the problems I can't seem to resolve:

      1. I want graphs to automatically show only months that are available for both years. So since I only have Jan-April data for 2017, I want the graphs only show Jan-April 2016. I can't seem to find other way to do it besides manually filtering out those  months.

      2. In my 'Airport PAX Dashboard #s' worksheet in the attached workbook, I'm trying to display month & year data for each of the 4 indicators. I want to create big fat textboxes to show those numbers in the dashboard, allowing the user to get a quick snapshot of all the indicators, choosing month/year they want. Alternatively, I would like to tie the graphs to the month/year selection.


      Can anyone please help me resolve this?