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    Unable to switch between parameters

    shwetha sarma



      I'm having an issue switching between 2 parameters in a dashboard.


      On a single dashboard, there are two parameters to enable chart switching, and multiple dimension filters that 1) apply to all worksheets using the data source and 2) must be set to show only relevant values. When certain combinations of the parameters are selected, the filters are populated as usual. However, other combinations of parameter selections result in all of the filters returning "No Items." or "Blank Dashboard". The filters do not change even when I try changing to "Only relevant values".


      Most importantly, even when the filters show no items, I can drag the dimensions on to a shelf in the worksheet and see the values that I expect to see in the filter. This indicates that the data is there, it is correctly related to the metrics and it is working appropriately with the parameters, etc. Last, the filters populate when viewing an individual worksheet even if they show No Items on the dashboard.


      If this sounds familiar and you found a solution, please let me know. I've attached screenshots.


      Thank you,