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    Datas and percentages

    Victor Craviari



      It is possible to display datas or percentages on a graphic but I did not manage to display both in an easy way.

      Indeed the only way I found is to annotate with a landmark to add the missing information but i need to do this for every data and it is not an usable solution.


      If you know how to display both I would be pleased to hear your solution,

      Thank you for reading me,



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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Victor


          something like this?



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            Michael Gillespie

            Victor, is this what you want to achieve?  (I apologize for using a pie chart...)

            If so, it's easy, with one tiny complication.

            I'm using the Superstore sample data, with Region for the slices and Sum(Sales) for the values.

            The first step is easy: Drag "Sales" to the "Text" mark.  That will create the numeric value on the chart.

            This is the "harder" part: RIGHT-CLICK and drag "Sales" onto the "Text" mark, and this time select a different aggregation - I usually do "AVG".  You have to do this because Tableau will not let you put the same value into a viz twice.  Changing the aggregation lets you get the FIELD into the view a second time so that you can manipulate it to get the result you want.

            Now, right-click on that AVG(Sales) field, and select "Quick Table Calculation".  Select "Percent of Total".

            Finally, right-click one more time, and change the aggregation to SUM (from AVG).  You should now have the numeric value and the percentage value for each data point.


            If that's not what you're looking for, let me know and I'll revise the above!

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              Victor Craviari

              Thank you Michael, this is exactly what i want to do, I cannot try now and will post again if I did not manage to do it.


              Thank you anyway,