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    Using a Table Calculation (YOY Growth) with Top N / Others Groups

    Alec Chen

      Hi All,


      I have a visualization that is ranking a list of Top N partners based on sales, with a bar graph symbolizing month/month growth or year/year growth. I am using a Quick Table Calculation for % growth, and a combination of groups and parameters to specify Top N versus Others.


      I am unsure how to calculate the % growth of the "Others" bucket. I am able to get the total sales for "Others", but not for the % growth.


      1. For example, #11 is not referencing the "Others" bucket, but rather the 11th Merchant, AAF, and therefore the % growth is incorrect.

      2. Also, I cannot figure out how to get the Mark Labels to show...




      "Others" Dimension:

      IF Rank(sum([Sales])) <= [Top N]

      THEN MIN([Merchant])

      ELSE "Others" END


      "Others" Sales

      IF RANK(SUM([Sales])) > [Top N]

      THEN SUM([Sales])



      Sales or sum of "others" sales

      IF RANK(SUM([Sales])) <= [Top N]

      THEN SUM([Sales])

      ELSE WINDOW_SUM([Others Sales])