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    Open Source InfluxDB WDC

    Russell Goldin

      Hi everyone,


      I built a WDC for InfluxDB that I'd like to share with everyone.  I have it hosted on Github (instructions = https://tagyoureit.github.io/InfluxDB_WDC) with web access to the WDC through the direct URL InfluxDB Feed




      Here are some of the features that are built into the connector:

      • HTTP/HTTPS
      • Basic Auth / No Auth
      • Ability to bring back data with aggregation at different intervals or bring back raw data



      • Only admins are able to retrieve the list of databases.  If you want to enable access from users with read/write only security you will need to start with an admin user to retrieve the databases.  After that, if you publish to Tableau Server you can embed (or prompt with) different users.  If there is a need, it could be possible to alter the WDC to allow a user to manually enter a database.


      See my notes in the instructions page above about some notes on aggregation.  Looking forward to your feedback,