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    How Datasource with Longitude and Latitude can be integrated with Map

    Jonathan Velarde

      Good Day!


      Hi guys,

      Just want to ask some help here regarding our Store Location Mapping.

      We do manual input of Long Lat per Branch on my previous workbook. Then the input Longitude and Latitude was exported and saved in our Database using MS SQL.

      Then we created a view in MS SQL to use 1 datasource. (vw_EntityLonLat)



      My problem here is that ALL the Encoded Longitude and Latitude again need to re-encode in Edit Map Location since this are all unrecognize.



      Is there any ways to plot the map using my Longitude and Latitude on my datasouce?


      Any help will be appreciated,

      Thanks in advance.



      Regards and God Bless,

      Jonathan Velarde