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    Tableau Public adds vertical and horizontal scroll bars

    Jason Scarlett

      Sometime in the last month Tableau Public began adding scroll bars to one of my published dashboards.

      The dashboard is very tall 1600 pixels and has multiple tabs. If I hide the tabs, then the first dashboard renders fine with no scrollbars. But, ... as soon as I add tabs back, the scrollbars are back. It seems to me that it is not including the height of the tabs when calculating the total height of the frame to show the viz in. The result is a viz windows that is too short (due to the tabs), and then too narrow due to the vertical scrollbar it had to add.


      Has anyone else seen this?


      Here is another dashboard that works fine: Tableau Public

      But if you download it, duplicate the single dashboard, and republish ... you get scrollbars.


      I tried downloading and publishing with v10.3, but got the same results. Also happens in all browsers.




      Tableau Public

      Tabs+Scrollbar (horizontal scrollbar at bottom too)


      No Tabs, No Scrollbars

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