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    Counting responses but excluding NULLS

    Jake Blampied

      Hi all,


      Loathe to post as I the feeling of finding a fix to a solution is great but unfortunately time is against me and I need something out for a client (also sorry for not being able to find a possible solution already, I have looked for >10m though)


      I've a seemingly simple issue whereby I'm showing a table of results to an SMS questionnaire and I want to show 5 fields (Week, count of SMS' sent, count of SMS' returned, count of people who left a comment and count of people who would like to be called back).


      So in my dimenions I have all the written responses of the peoples comments, so I apply a count to this - COUNT(Field Name). But I need to exclude all the NULLS within this, so that my COUNT ignores them.


      I'm probably going to kick myself but any help would be greatly appreciated.





      P.S. packaged workbook isn't possible due to data protection but hopefully not necessary?