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    Search function on a Dimension (Field name)

    Ankit Goyal

      Hey all,


      My stakeholder want me to have a search field available on Dimension(s) which are the course names. In my data, there 20-22 different course names (dimensions) and their respective status(s) as Completed/Not Completed.


      This is how I approached:

      1. Created a parameter as string with default no values (basically an open text field) - [Course ID / Course Name]

      2. Created a Boolean calculated  field to search for the Input text (from parameter) - [Course Search] with following syntax:

      CONTAINS(LOWER([Big Data : Intro to Big Data Platform]), LOWER([Course ID / Course Name])) or

      CONTAINS(LOWER([Visualization : Intro to Data Visualization]), LOWER([Course ID / Course Name]))

      3. Dragging Boolean calculated field to filter shelf and selecting 'True' only.


      When I'm typing "Big Data" in the parameter, results are none. This won't work because Contains formula is looking for the attributes available under that particular course, i.e. Completed/ Not Completed.


      Is there a simple way to do it. Sample excel attached.