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    Possible to access the count of records processed per second from workgroup database

    Hilary Cooksley


      I have been able to access Tableau's postgres workgroup database, but having a little trouble getting the exact metrics I need. Our team has been asked to provide a count of the number of records processed per second when a workbook extract refresh runs. I have been able to track down the backgrounder data that shows the start and end time of each refresh, but can't get to the per second metric that I want. Couple of things that might help


      (1) Does anyone know of another table in the workgroup database that has the backgrounder tasks aggregated to counts per second or per minute even?


      (2) Has anyone tried using the start and end times from the backgrounder table as the starting points for a per second calculation?


      My gut tells me that I am missing something simple here.


      Thanks in advance for any help!