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    Calculate data by tracking number instead of product number


      I'm trying to analyze some data at the shipment ID level (tracking number) instead of the product ID level but the data is at product ID level (each line item is a product ID). This wouldn't be a problem if the data contained 1 product per shipment but there are often multiple products per shipment, so tableau is running all my calculations at the product level instead of the shipment level (what I actually need) and duplicating tracking numbers. For example, I want to calculate the cost of a shipment - if the shipment cost $10 and there were 3 products within that shipment, tableau will calculate this tracking number as costing $30 instead of $10 since each line item is assigned a shipping cost of $10.


      What's the best way to go about filtering or modifying my calculations to look at the distinct shipment ID instead of at the product level?