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    Tableau server trial edition

    Vanessa Zorgia

      Hello everyone,


      I downloaded Tableau trial edition and I'm trying to create alerts but the Alert button does not appear next to subscriptions button.

      The workbooks I published are extracts and connected to a database.

      How can I create data driven alerts?

      and also how can I publish a data source? The publish Data source option does not exist in Tableau Desktop 9.0.




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          Jay Morehart

          For data driven alerts you have to enable alerts in Settings in the Server web interface,

          You also need to set up the SMTP settings in the Server configuration program so that tableau can send emails: Configure SMTP Setup


          Publishing Data sources:

          For desktop, you have to be signed in to the server from desktop, to be able to publish.However I believe you will need desktop 10.1 or higher to publish to server 10.3. (I have personally tested publishing workbooks from 10.1 and 10.3 to server 10.3)

          I have no experience with version 9.0 but in 10.x the menu looks like this:


          hope this helps