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    Help with comparing likert-scale survey responses

    Aneurin Bosley

      Hi Folks,

      I'm trying to compare a couple different survey questions (responses are 1 to 5 Likert-scale) to see whether there might be any correlation between them. I've followed Steve Wexler's guide (www.datarevelations.com/likert-vs-likert-on-a-scatterplot.html) but I think I'm missing something.

      In the survey, there are a number of questions, each of which has a unique respondent ID. Obviously I want to see whether the Likert responses to question Q5a, for example, are correlated with the responses to any other question. (Each respondent also has a "year" value that I'd ideally like to be able to analyze as well.)

      I've set up parameters to chose different questions for the X and Y axes, along with a trend line. But I'm not sure about the values for each axis. Shouldn't Tableau be counting the number of responses for each value on the Likert scale rather than adding up the values?

      I've attached a packaged Workbook. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.