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    Add Subscribers


      Hello Guys

      I wanted to know whether the feature where a non content owner can add subscribers to a workbook is now available or not in 10.2 or 10.3?


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          Hello jyoti,


          This fuction is from Tableau 10

          Subscribe others to your views and workbooks in Tableau 10 | Tableau Software 


          I tested and found that, only content owner, server admin, site admin can subscribe others.




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            Thanks Lei


            So have they brought any new features that allows any user to add subsribers to any views in new Tableau updates upto 10.3?

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              Hello JYOTI,


              I didn't find any similiar request in Ideas , or maybe you can post one?




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                Mark Wu

                Hi Jyoti, You can have any user to subscribe to any views that the user has permission to access. If you give all your workbooks interactor permission to All Users group, it means that any user has permission to any views, then any user can subscribe to any views, which has been the feature for long time. Here is new features related to this:

                • V10.0 introduced 'subscribe others's feature which allows content owner or admin to subscribe other users if the other users have interactor permission and have email address and subscribe others allowed at site level - note you can't subscribe to a group
                • V10.1 introduced conditional subscription which will not send email if view is empty - it is mostly used for alerts
                • V10.2 has no change on subscription or alerts
                • V10.3 introduced custom subscription schedule for Tableau Online only
                • V10.3 also introduced big data driven alert that you can config Tableau to send  alert emails based on threshold of specific measure