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    Running Total YOY Variance

    Matthew Langford

      Dear Community,


      I wanted to see if I could get some help with the following.  I have a Running Total line graph with 2017 (current year) and 2016 (last year).  What I want to do is calculate the difference (aka gap) between where we were last year on a running total basis and this year.  For example, based on the information I'm showing, we are projecting to finish at 48k and last year we were at 79k (approx 31k gap).  I want to show in a row underneath the running total, a running total variance in an area chart.  Below is screen shot of what I'm currently working with.


      The second question is on the graph below, the information for June to December is a forecast information that I am inputting, is there a way to just change the color of the 2017 line from June to December.  Right now it is in orange all the way, but keeping it Orange for January to May, but put the rest of the line from June to December is say green.



      Thanks in advance,