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    I'm stuck with a very simple problem to merge a few dashboards!

    Abhirup Mukherjee

      Hello, hope you are doing great. I'm new to Tableau, which leads to the fact that I'm new to this community as well, so please forgive me if my question sounds too stupid. Now it will be of real help if you could solve me a problem that I'm facing. Let's suppose I have four dashboards, i.e, Dashboard A, Dashboard B, Dashboard C and Dashboard D. Now is it possible to merge the Dashboards together?

      For Example, I have data of four players individually that I've presented in each dashboard. Now two of them play Cricket and two of them play football. So that in the first place while clicking on Sports we will get two options, i.e, Cricket and Football. Now clicking on Cricket will give me the names of the two cricketers and similarly for football. Now, when I click on the individual names we will get to see the dashboards. Thank you so much for your time.