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    Two Tableau Online Dashboards - One DataSource

    Darren Darkings

      Going round in circles trying allsorts. Hope someone can help.


      I create a Tableau project in Tableau 10 Desktop connecting to a table in SQL Server. I publish to online and the data goes across with it, check it in Online and all is well. To keep this up to date data wise i can republish the workbook and the updated data goes with it. This is for work we are doing for a client so we have the Tableau files and SQL Server databases.


      My issue is this, as well as the above I want to create another project in Tableau Desktop and use the same data connection as above, I wont be keeping this Tableau Dashboard up to date in Tableau Online, the client will be. However i will need to keep the data up to date by refreshing it for them when i update our project.


      How do i create another project ion Desktop to use the same data as our project and keep it up to date in Online without getting the whole project back from Online each time and refreshing and then uploading.


      Have tried publishing just data source and creating project 2 to use this and when i refresh data in project1 and go to Online, project 2 has old data and so does project 1, if i publish project 1 entirely and then go online , project 1 up to date but project 2 still is old data,?


      Help needed