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    Data headers change on "extract data"

    Priyanka Sharma

      Hi, I am trying to append data from 2 .tde files (one for each month) that I have extracted.


      The steps I am following are :

      1. Connect a workbook to the BW and extract 1 month data.
      2. Once all data has been extracted from BW, I see that the headers for all dimensions and measures are correctly displayed.
      3. Close the datasource from the data menu.
      4. Connect again to this same extracted data by pointing to the locally saved .tde file.
      5. Right click and select "Extract data"
      6. When I do this, the headers (for dimensions and measures) change into unrecognizable headers that cannot be used in reports. Please see example below
      7. Capture.PNG
      8. I next want to append another .tde file to this extract, but am stuck at the previous step.

      Can anyone suggest what I can do to fix this issue?


      Thanks for your help!