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    Joining two datasources that are on Tableau server and managing it




      I have two data sources on my Tableau server. I want to join these and this can be done only by creating extracts. So, I would create the extracts and join them and use this as my data source. The question is – how would I refresh this data?







      I have 2 Extracts called Extract1 and Extract 2. Extract 2 is joined on Extract 1 and with that, I  now have a Datasource called Datasource1 (Extract1+Extract2). I have a workbook that connects to Datasource1.
      How would this Data refresh if the extracts are sitting in my local machine? I see this is what needs to happen here, Extract 1 and Extract 2 should refresh and this will be reflected in Datasource1.


      Should I move them to a network location accessed by Tableau server? Is there any other/better way to do it?