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    Firewall status during worker instalation.

    harpreet kaur

      Hi all,

      I was going through distributed environment in tableau server admin guide and



      Here Install and Configure Worker Nodes  , it is mentioned:

      "If you have a worker running Windows 7 with Windows Firewall enabled, you may get an error ("Worker is not responding") when you attempt to add a worker node. To avoid this issue, disable Windows Firewall on the worker computer before adding the worker to the Tableau Server cluster."


      And here Tableau Server Ports  it is mentioned:

      "If Windows Firewall is enabled, Tableau Server will open the ports it needs for internal communication between processes. In some cases, if you are making an external connection to the Tableau Server database you may need to open ports manually. If have installed Tableau Server onto a Windows computer where Windows Firewall is disabled, then you will need to verify that the appropriate ports are open. In all cases, you should run Tableau Server on a computer where a firewall is enabled and configured to allow traffic only on ports specified in this topic."




      So, could you please help me understand, how to deal with firewall in distributed environment?


      Thanks in advance.