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    Combine/Consolidate/Merge two worksheets

    Richard Rogers

      Hi folks,


      I have two worksheets that are very similar, they are named [MetricsByKM] and [MetricsByRunTime].

      They both show three metrics: HeartRate, Cadence, and Speed, in three line plots.


      The only difference between them are the units along the X-axis. MetricsByKM shows distance in kilometres, MetricsByRunTime shows time since start.







      I have these worksheets in my dashboard, and they are working well.


      I'd like to merge these two worksheets into one that includes a radio button with two options:


      Is there a way that I could place the two worksheets in the dashboard, and bring one of them to the forefront, based on the user selection?

      Or should I combine/merge the two worksheets, and somehow get a the "View By control" in the worksheet?


      I would really appreciate someone telling me what approach to take.


      Thank you,


      Richard Rogers