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    Split using EOT symbol

    Gene Wolfkill

      I have a field that has a few EOT characters    (it appears as a backwards L). I'm having an issue finding a way to split this field by this character. It appears to be ASCII Character 4. The split function doesn't seem to allow me to use that character as a delimiter. Any thoughts?

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          I made an attempt, but I'm not sure if I have the right character.

          Is it that same as Alt-Code 217? (┘)

          Alt Codes List of Alt Key Codes Symbols


          If so, you can type the Alt-Code into the Custom Split window, and it should work.


          If not, would be grateful if you could post a sample file with fake data.



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            Gene Wolfkill

            I have version 10.2. When I try to do a custom split and paste that character in, it changes to the letters "EOT". The split doesn't work right from there. I wound up handling it through a custom SQL query at my data source. I used the custom SQL to replace that character with "~~~~~", then use the custom split on that sequence. It was extra steps, but it got the job done.

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              tyler king

              If you finally give up, you can always open it in Excel and do a Replace (ctrl+h on windows). Then replace that character with something else then go back to Tableau.

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                Bora Beran

                Isn't EOT same as CHAR(04)?


                MID('a b',0,FIND('a b', CHAR(04))-1) should give you a (starting from the beginning until it finds the delimiter)

                LEFT('a b',FIND('a b', CHAR(04))-1) would have the same effect.


                there is EOT between a and b but appears (and probably got lost in copy-paste)


                By using combinations of left/right/mid you can break different tokens.


                Split won't allow you to use CHAR(04) since it is a calculated field and it only allows string literals as delimiter.