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    Help: total newbie! [Tableau for Mac]

    Khaled Bahrami

      Hello fellow Tableau-rs -


      I hope this is the right place for a total newbie to Tableau. I've been fascinated by this program for a long time and finally got it to produce some dynamic graphical representations of data I'm trying to work with... but after days of Google searches, video tutorials and plain-old pottering about, I haven't been able to yield the results I'm looking for. It seems Tableau on a Mac is that bit harder for the guy who's just getting his hands wet.


      I'm working with a Likert scale data set of twelve categories that have been asked to 35 subjects. I have two separate pages of this data in Excel but haven't been able to properly produce the data I'm looking for. I basically envision the data as two differently-colored bars per category. Anyone able to provide some pointers as to how I can properly organize the data in Excel in order to feed it into Tableau?


      Thanks for any help! Looking forward to engage with you guys.


      - K

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          Hi Bahrami,


          What do you mean by "I have two separate pages of this data in Excel"? Are you trying to say that you have two sheets in excel which contains some data and you want to use that data into Tableau to draw your numbers. IF it is so then there must be some common factor in both data sets you can take a join of these two excels.

          Like Below Screen shot now from here on you will get two sheets



          Now drop both sheets and create a relation in between.



          IF legacy connection not appearing then you can

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            Khaled Bahrami

            Hi Sandip -

            Thank you for your response - good to hear from you.


            The Likert data I have ranks 12 categories for two different locations, hence the "two pages" comment. The common elements between both pages is the 35 subjects [running down column one to create 35 rows] while each category forms an individual column. Each data entry for the respective subject and category runs across the page to form a table of entry points.


            I linked the file and tried playing with the unions but I think it's distorting the data; ten of the categories appear as general dimensions, six as dimensions for one of the locations and six other categories are measures.


            Is any of this making sense? I hope I haven't completely derailed you; let me know what you make of this.



            Thanks again!

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              SANDIP SHARMA

              Could you please help me with some sample data.

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                Khaled Bahrami

                Here are some dummy examples [rankings out of 10]:


                Location 1: New York
                               Architecture     Food     Transport
                John               9                   5               1
                Gavin              2                  6               4
                Hailey             10                8               2


                Location 2: Chicago
                               Architecture     Food     Transport
                John               10               9               6
                Gavin               7               2               3
                Hailey               9               8               5


                As you can see, there are similar categories for the same subjects but for different locations. How would you go about representing these sets to show the differences between the two?


                - K