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    Facing issues while configuring High Availibility on TAbleau server 10.2

    Atul Bhagwat

      Hi Experts,


      Wanted to configure HA for our TAbleau server. Started following the guide step by step


      Configure for Failover and Multiple Gateways

      1. Primary node installed. Working fine

      2. Installed Worker nodes on 2 servers. Provided IP for the Primary

      3. Stopped primary node

      4. Open Configuration Utility and add worker 1 ( with all 1 services). Click OK

      5. Add worker 2 ( all services but Data engine). Selected Gateway

      6. Click ok. Click OK again on the Configuration utility.

      7. It started processing worker bundles.. exchanging info with worker 1 and 2. After some time, it throws an error message

      Coordination service failed.

      8. Under Tabadmin logs i could see the following:

      This zookeeper instance is not currenly serving requests as the last entry


      Did reset the coordination service, however did not help.

      Am i missing something?

      So as per the guide mentioned above, i am stuck on step 9