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    Filter above $10,000

    Alex Martino

      I have sales each month for 1,000s of items. What is a good way to vizualize the percent of sales that are above $10,000? Also, how can I create a parameter that changes the threshold cutoff for the group? Thanks.

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          You would need to create a calculated field and a parameter, if you wanted to let the end use dynamically change the threshold cutoff. First build the parameter to be a list or range of integer values. Then in the calculated field, you'd reference the parameter as follows



          [SALES]>[PARAMETER] (boolean, t/f)


          then add this new calculated field to the colors shelf. You might need to modify this a little bit based on your view (unsure without a sample workbook), but this should get you in the right direction.

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            Deepak Rai

            Hi Alex,

            Check the screenshot  and attached with Superstore data. You can change your threshold and modify.






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