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    Difference between two dates from two data sources

    Billy Mohan

      Hi all,


      I've been asked by a colleague to look at the distribution in days between a lead and a sale. (i.e 45% of sales come within 7 days of a lead)


      I'm connected to both data sources (lead database and sale database) through an ODBC connection, and they are merged based on a unique URN, which is used for both the sale and the lead.


      Is there a calculation i can use which creates a dimension for days between lead and sale?


      I've been playing round with 'datediff' functions but not sure how to get these to calculate and a URN level, rather than having to aggregate them.





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          Amber Loranger

          Hi Billy,

          I could use some more details about where your attempts are going awry in order to know what to suggest. Are you using a join (i.e. the two data sources are basically becoming one?) or data blending? What calculations have you tried, and what was different between the result of the calculation and the result you were expecting? If you can share a packaged workbook (.twbx) that shows where you've gotten so far, that would be especially helpful.