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    Overlapping worksheets in a dashboard

    Kym Mercier


      I am trying to create  a dashboard that has about 6 different charts at the top portion. What I would like to do is show the details of each chart on the bottom portion of the dashboard when the user clicks on certain numbers or bars. I want those same results to not show when nothing is selected. The trouble I am having is, I cannot get the results to move forward for each worksheet. I have attached a very basic example of what I am trying to do. You will see the following:


      Currently nothing is shown at the bottom as expected


      Click on the KRI Type for March count of 7. Those 7 results show at the bottom but I am unable to scroll because the worksheet for the sheet 3 details are in front


      Click on the Pink bar for Feb data on sheet 3, the results show at the bottom and I am able to scroll as expected because the worksheet is upfront


      I created a parameter for this because that what I believe I need ot do but I cannot seem to figure out how to get the parameter to work. Any help is much appreciated

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